Tight Fitting House Sitting

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India Summer is getting ready for the honeymoon of a lifetime. She’s left Jessy and Kimberly Moss in charge to house sit, so everything goes smoothly as she’s away. They have some other plans in mind, like fucking in every room in the house… beginning with India’s bedroom. Maybe Kimberly should have waited until Mrs. Summer actually was gone until sucking off her boyfriend. Now that India has caught them in her bed, she’s not leaving until she gets in on the fun, teaching the horny couple how to fuck before getting slammed herself.

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I always get what I want!

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Kimberly Moss‘ mom has recently remarried a really hot guy who she gets on great with. The thing is, that Kimberly is so attracted to him. She knows it’s wrong but she just can’t help it. When her mom leaves for her yoga class, Kimberly sees an opportunity to get exactly what she has craved for so long… With her heart beating so fast, she sneaks into the bedroom and climbs into bed with him. They both know that this is so wrong, but it just feels so right!

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