Bang Me Please

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Kimberly Moss was cuddled up with her girlfriend Alex. As they slumbered, a burglar made his way passed them and began casing the joint. He made a bit too much noise because he woke Kimberly up, and she decided to investigate the clatter. The burglar heard her making her way into the hallway and hid as fast as he could. While she was examining the mess the burglar made, he snuck up behind her and covered her mouth. Overwhelmed with shock, Kimberly froze as the intruder demanded she show him where they kept their money and valuables. Kim had never been with a man, and something about feeling his cock rubbing on her barely covered ass started turning her on. She couldn’t believe it, but she knew this was too exhilarating to not at least attempt to have a taboo tryst with this dick throbbing thief. She just had to make sure she didn’t wake up her sweetheart sleeping tranquilly in their bed…

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